“Sorry Juliet! Romeo Loves Paaro”, mesmerizes PNCA audience

ISLAMABAD: “Sorry Juliet! Romeo Loves Paaro”, a Desi parody of romantic hit tale Romeo Juliet enthralled the audience of twin cities here late Monday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

Regular shows of the play will continue till April 29 at PNCA with musical comedy that fills the ambiance with laughter on situational parody.

With comic situations, dances, jealousies and old age involvements, the group of young stage performers created the play as an exciting entertainment opportunity for Islooites.

The bilingual play is about the Montagues and Capulets as two rivalry families. They are involved in a family feud that goes back years before any of the members were born. Yet the feud still continues due to the fact that neither family is ready to forgive and forget the past.

Even the townspeople are involved because the families do not keep the feud in the privacy of their own home but have been seen fighting in the public streets and displaying violence.

They were also given a warning that another public fight could result in death. While this is occurring Romeo, the main character, is getting over his last love, Rosaline, and was very upset. Juliet of the Capulet household has just been introduced to a wealthy young man, Paris, who her parents wish her to marry. Romeo’s love for Juliet fades until a Sikh family with stunningly beautiful Paaro comes into scenes.

The situation explains that there was a time when love was considered to be the trustworthy feeling but as time passed love became an illogical and unhealthy feeling with the concept of flirting in our society.

The play has been directed by Raheel Khan Lodhi and produced by Nasarullah Chaudhary while young performers of twin cities are among the cast.