Sony launches new “Smart Watch”

Finally, Sony has announced the launch of its new Smart Watch. This gadget is an accessory for Android smart phones. However, looking at current technology, its use is quite restricted. The Smart Watch allows the user to access applications and basic phone functions through the display on a wristwatch. The device costs around $150 and is available in Sony outlets worldwide. Through its new launch, Sony is expecting to compete against the MOTOACTV smart watch.

The Smart Watch packs a 1.3-inch OLED display rated at 128×128 pixels. It runs Android 2.1 and uses Bluetooth 3.0 to communicate with its parent smart phone. At present, this functionality is available only for android phones. Sony is expected to launch a program that would also make the watch compatible with Tablets as well. The watch has an exclusive port for charging the battery, which lasts up to four days. It is compact and lightweight. Sony also offers colored sweat proof armbands for a few dollars more. You need to download the Smart Watch app from the Google Play store to use the device, and the good news is that it will run with any Android smart phone and thus is not restricted to Sony phones only. The app primarily controls the watch settings.

Presently, the Smart Watch can interact with around 30 different applications. These include services like text messaging, twitter, Facebook, phone calls and many others. Sony has planned to offer the Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers in order to develop more apps that are compatible with the watch. The Smart Watch is analogous to a remote control for the phone. The capabilities of the gadget are still quite limited as the interacting mechanism is Bluetooth, which requires the phone to be within a 30 feet radius.

The Smart Watch can be used to read text messages and you can send pre defined replies. The gadget can also be used to accept or ignore calls and send a pre-defined message in case a call is ignored. The Smart Watch can also be used to control the media player on your phone. An interesting feature also allows you to trigger your phone’s camera wirelessly. Unfortunately, the watch cannot be used as an exclusive music player, as there is no external headphone jack. The little gadget is a little costly but it is cheaper than the MOTOACTV. However, the MOTOACTV can run with our without an Android phone, so there is a clear difference in their capabilities.