Siachen: Search enters day 5; bad weather sustains

The Siachen tragedy has entered its fifth day of rescue work as search goes on for soldiers buried under the heavy snow.

The treacherous weather has made it impossible for rescue teams from America, Germany and Sweden from reaching to the point where the Pakistani army camp came under a glacier meltdown last Saturday. Around 500 Pakistani soldiers and civilians are still working tirelessly to find the buried men.

None of the buried men have yet been found. It would only be a miracle to find someone alive given that the next 48 hours are going to be even worse in weather conditions.

It is speculated by witnesses that because of the changing weather, the glacier cracked and caused this tragedy.

People have been praying for the victims of this tragedy which included a total of 138 people, 11 of which were reported as being civilians who worked as barbers and cooks while the remaining were Pakistan Army soldiers.

Rescuers working at the Giari camp, where this unfortunate accident occurred, are working day and night; hoping and praying for a sign of life.

After this incident, voices have been raised on social media networks and television channels by various activists and social personalities about the demilitarization of the Siachen territory, pondering on the idea of calling it a “Peace Park”.

The Siachen border is known as the highest and most dangerous battle point in the entire world, costing Pakistan and India hefty amounts of budgets and more importantly, the lives of their soldiers, every year since its militarization.