Siachen: Rescue operation halts amid heavy snowfall

The Siachen situation worsened as heavy snowfall hit the Gayari region and brought a halt to the rescue mission. Temperature fell to less than 15 degrees stopping the US experts from continuing their rescue journey towards the area where an approximate number of 124 soldiers and 11 civilian are buried.

Currently, a group of 240 Pakistanis including both civilians and army officials were operating at the site before the recent weather calamity hit the region and halted their work.

Major General Athar Abbas, spokesmen for the Pakistani army was unsure over the survival of the people buried under the snow as the situation worsens with the passage of time. The Chief of Army Staff made an official visit at the disaster site on Sunday to in order to oversee the rescue proceedings.

The US was the first country to offer its help towards the rescue operation when they announced to send in a team comprising of eight technical experts. These experts would provide technical assistance and advice to the Pakistani army in order to speed up the rescue process.

Siachen is considered to be one of the coldest regions within the country and it is known globally as the highest combat zone. The area has remained quiet since the 2003 cease fire between Pakistan and India but still both the countries have kept their troops in the region where the soldiers usually die because of the cold weather rather than the battle.