Siachen Day 6: Rescue effort continues; Weather still the obstacle

SIACHEN: The ISPR has issued a press release stating that another site for rescue work has also been added to the aforementioned five sites. The rescue work is still on at the Gayari camp with bleak hopes for survival as the weather continues to haunt the rescue operation.

Rescue operation is underway at the aforementioned five points. Heavy machinery including dozers, loaders and excavators are operating at two points whilst the other three points are work upon by manual labour.

At least 15 heavy machineries are currently operating at the rescue site with point one and two being dug up to 115 and 100 feet respectively.

The priority rescue points have been made accessible by developing a 450 meter long track. This track has been built up in order to improve grip for wheeled equipments. The access tracks are worked upon and their length has been increased to 1.5 kilometers.

The weather has continued to remain unsympathetic; creating problems and complexity for manual as well as machine labour but this has not tilted the courage and confidence of the rescue force from working at the site