Sharif brothers share the Mughal-e-Azam mind frame: Zardari

While addressing a public gathering in Okara on Friday, President Ali Zardari stated that the army troops would not be pulled back unilaterally, this decision would depend on bilateral action by both Pakistan and India. He further stated that India faces double the amount of loss that Pakistan bears with respect to Siachen, hence this decision would only be taken once both the countries call back their troops unanimously.

During his speech, the President urged his party’s supporters to be ready as PPP would form its own government within Punjab in the upcoming tenure.

“We have given the Punjab government ourselves; we will take it back as well”.

President Zardari was also keen to talk about the Sharif brother. Addressing to Shahbaz Sharif as “Chotay Mian”, the President stated, “I know that ‘Chotay Mian’ has nothing in his control, he has kept 17 ministries under his belt, how is it possible that one person runs all the 17 ministries. ‘Chotay Mian’s’ mind frame is similar to Saleem’s of the Mughal dynasty”. He further stated that the Sharif brothers shared the Mughal dynasty thoughts.

While talking about Nawaz Sharif, the President stated, “If you do not visit ‘Baray Mian’ following his invitation, he is bound to lodge a complaint under section 302”. “I don’t know as to what rights and responsibilities are desired by ‘Baray Mian’”, he said. The President, while addressing the budget allocation said that each and every province has been allotted Rs.500 million but no progress can be seen with respect to Punjab.

The President also stated that his party is not a local party but in fact it is an internationally recognized party with its main roots emerging from Garhi Khuda Bux, Larkana.

With respect to trade with India, Mr. Zardari stated that it only commenced following his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister. Further elaborating the economic condition of Pakistan, the President stated that sugar crisis was at its peak when the PPP made its way in to the government and now the country is exporting sugar.

The President concluded his speech by asking the entire public gathering to pray for the Pakistan army soldiers who got buried under the avalanche that hit the Gayari sector in Siachen on 7th April 2012.