Sajid and Jacqueline’s love blossomed on board ‘Housefull 2’?

Given the fact that ‘Housefull 2’ has created a storm at the box office, filmmaker Sajid Khan seems to be revealing a lot more now than he has ever done earlier. Sajid has bid goodbye to a lot of his inhibitions, and has finally revealed that it was this very movie that acted as the blooming grounds for his alleged relationship with Jacqueline Fernandez.

Both Sajid and Jacqueline have been over-secretive about their relationship in the past, and the reason is not very hard to guess. Given Jacqueline’s young age and incipient beginnings in Bollywood, none of them want their relationship to serve as a nail in the coffin as far as Jacqueline’s career is concerned. Hence all the secrecy, all the tight-lippedness.

However, after ‘Housefull 2’, Sajid seems a bit at ease, and has revealed, “Housefull 2 will always be special for me as it was during the making of this movie that I met the love of my life.”

Well, now that ‘Housefull 2’ is creating massive waves in the hearts of people, Sajid and Jacqueline can take things easy. We hope the two take their relationship forward, and are blessed with all the happiness in the world!

Source: Monitoring