Prime Minister’s son to be put on Exit Control List

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued notice to the Prime Minister’s son Ali Musa Gilani, in connection with the chemical import case, on Tuesday.

As the hearing continued, the SC issued court notices to Ali Musa Gilani along with DG Anti-Narcotics Federation (ANF) Major General Shakeel and Principal Secretary Kushnood Lashari.

The ANF also requested and enlistment of Ali Musa Gilani and Khushnood Lashari’s names on the Exit Control List (ECL).

A confession was made in court today by ANF’s Regional Director Brigadier Fahim Ahmed Khan who was also the lead investigator of the RS 7 billion scam.

Brig Fahim confessed that the Secretary Narcotics Control Board, Zafar Abbas had tried to stop him and his team from investigating into the prime minister’s son’s case.

The case regarding the illegal sales of chemical known as “Ephidrine” was registered last year on October 10 after two Pharma companies obtained sale quotas exceeding the quota limit set by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB).

The Prime Minister’s son, Ali Musa Gilani is allegedly involved in this billion rupees drug scandal according to an investigation by the ANF.

The court will resume the chemical case  hearing on April 20.