Police Reshuffle; 19 Station House Officers changed in Karachi

19 Station House Officers (SHO) of different areas within the city of Karachi were changed late on Thursday. This recent change has been attributed to an upsurge in the recent target killing incidents within the city.

Areas which had increased reported target killing incidents were considered for the Police reshuffle.

The areas included P.I.B Colony, New Town, Gulistan Jauhar, Aram Bagh along with 15 other Police Stations that received a sudden change to the Police force.

Earlier, the government had announced that tea-shops should be closed before mid-night as these tea-shops are considered to be the main hanging point of these criminals.

The Additional Inspector General, Akhtar Hussain Gorchani, had also stated earlier that the SHOs would be held responsible for all the criminal activities committed within their respective area.