Police apprehends 11 Al-Qaida members in Iraq

IRAQ: Iraqi police officials have reported that their forces have apprehended 11 individuals who are supposedly considered to be al-Qaida officials responsible for the attacks in Basra that led to a massacre, killing approximately 53 people.

Major General Faisal al-Ebadi (Basra’s Police Chief) has reported that the 11 individuals arrested are highly considered to have a strong link to the Basra bombings, which occurred back in January.

The supposed declaration of guilt by the 11 individuals was shown in a video played during the press conference made by Mr. Ebadi. He further stated that the suspected terrorists were captured with the help of the locations and co-ordinates provided by intelligence officers.

One of the alleged culprits, Mahmud Mohammed Abdullah, is considered to have a Pakistani connection. The culprit later acknowledged his involvement on a Shiite worshipping area and two attacks in the market within Basra.

He further elaborated that he came to Iraq in 2003 and was detained within a US base camp during 2004-2005, but was later discharged.