PM convicted: Govt to appeal against SC verdict

ISLAMABAD: On the day of Supreme Court verdict, PM Gilani was accompanied by number of ministers and parliamentarians, on Thursday.

After the announcement of verdict today the Counsel of PM, Aitzaz Ahsan left the court room without hearing the decision.

The Attorney General Irfan Qadir considers the verdict as an unconstitutional act of Supreme Court.

Other then that, PM Gilani termed the verdict as an inappropriate as it is the first time in the history of world when a premier of any state get sentenced.

Therefore, government has decided to appeal against the court judgment.

Federal Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan stated that while talking ot media outside SC.

PPP member, Nazar Gondal said that his party have faced many punishments and parliament have full confidence on the leadership of Yousaf raza Gilani.

It is to note that being convicted means PM could face dismissal from office in the weeks, or more likely, months to come. PM could be disqualified for the premiership for at least five years.