PM’s contempt case: SC refused to delay NRO verdict

ISLAMABAD: The case hearing of contempt of court against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani was took off in Supreme Court under the bench of seven members on Monday, Aaj news reported.

While Justice Nasir ul Mulk replicate to pass verdict of NRO implementation case today.

PM’s counsel Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan continued to present arguments and asked the court to delay the verdict today, but the court refused his plea.

During the case hearing today, Aitzaz said “Let me complete the arguments regarding contempt of court first, otherwise, my arguments would be of no use after a decision on the NRO is announced”. Moreover he repeatedly insisted the court to conduct the trail under Article 10-A of the Constitution.

The hearing is adjourned till May 3.

Earlier, The Supreme Court allowed the newly-appointed Attorney General for Pakistan, Irfan Qadir, to act as the prosecutor in contempt of court case.

Also, directed Aitzaz Ahsan to complete his arguments by April 18.