Peshawar: Grenade attack on school claims adolescent life; injures two others

A private school in Peshawar became target of a grenade attack earlier on Monday.

The school, named Iqra Public School, is located on the Chargano road in Khazana Area of Peshawar, where two unidentified men riding on a motorcycle, tossed a grenade at the school resulting in death of minor and injuring two others.

According to bystanders and Police, the armed men threw the grenade inside the  school’s playground where children were present near the water taps washing their hands.

The minor who lost his life in this attack is reported to be of 6 years old, his body has been dispatched to Lady Ready Hospital along with the injured students.

It is speculated that the motive behind this attack was because of the militants opposition of the idea of mixed gender schooling.