Parliament approves PCNS’s recommendation

Parliament approved the recommendation forwarded to it by the PCNS on Thursday. The Joint session of Parliament began with 3 hours delay in the evening. The Parliamentary committee of National Security (PCNS)‘s amended recommendations were presented in the Parliament.  Addressing the Joint Session of Parliament, PCNS Chairman Raza Rabbani said that Democracy would be strengthened as a result of these recommendations, adding that Foreign Policy was not so transparent earlier as it is  now.

Rabbani further stated that PCNS’s revised recommendations have been unanimously approved by all participating parties. Stating PCNS’s recommendations, Raza Rabbani said that Pakistan’s sovereignty would not be compromised through “thick and thin”. It was further emphasized in the recommendations that Pak-US should respect one another.

Reiterating resolute regarding war on terror, Raza Rabbani said that National sovereignty would be ensured and weapons would not be delivered to Nato via Pakistani routes.

The Parliament session was, later on, postponed for indefinite period.