Pakistani Microbiologist Dr Chishty granted bail from Indian jail

The Indian Supreme court on Monday, allowed bail to the 80 year old, Mohammad Khaleel Chishty, a microbiologist from Pakistan serving life sentence in Rajasthan jail, after being charged in a murder case.

Chishty, after being granted bail, plead the court to allow him to go back to Karachi, to which the court directed him to write another application in that regard and advised him to stay in Ajmer till then.

He was sentenced for life in prison on January 31, 2011 by a trial court for a murder in Ajmer that occurred in 1992.

Khaleel Chisty was convicted of murder when in 1992 he came to India and got involved in a dispute where one of his neighbors was shot dead and a family member injured.

Chishty was later convicted of Murder and was sent to jail.

The issue of Dr Chishty’s release has become a subject of discussion in many high level meeting of Pakistani and Indian officials, including the lunch of President Zardari with Indian PM Manmohan Singh.