Pakistan culture, cuisine show mesmerize visitors at Jakarta

A day-long Pakistan Culture and Cuisine Show mesmerized the fun lovers with fascinating experience of putting Henna on hands of Indonesian ladies at Jakarta on Monday.

The event was organized by top production company of the country, Amasiwa Intl, in collaboration with the Pakistan Embassy, Jakarta, said a news release issued here today.

`Henna Bandi’ segment was held as a side event of the show that featured a lecture on culture, cuisine and social traditions of Pakistan by Ambassador Sanaullah, screening of Pakistani documentary, a cooking demonstration and Tabla performance by Pakistan origin maestro, Mr. Yogi.

Of all the segments, adornment of hands with henna attracted a large number of Indonesian women while the Henna artists also shared information about latest fashion trends in Pakistan and presented Pakistani traditional bangles and henna as souvenirs to the participants.

Ambassador Sanaullah on the occasion termed the event as a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. “Pakistanis feel proud of the Sufi spirit of their cultural heritage”, he added.

Pakistani culture reflects strong Islamic influences but at the same time also incorporates the civilization heritage that dates back thousands of years, the Ambassador remarked.

Pakistan is the land that was home to Indus Valley and Gandhara, two of world’s oldest civilizations. Pakistan’s cuisines have strong central Asian traits, its architecture has a touch of Iranian, Turkish, Arab, Greek and Moghul influences, Pakistani music is lively and with the passage of time developed a blend of classical, semi-classical and modern pop, he said.

Later, the live cooking demonstration featured preparation of famous Pakistani delicacies while the guests were served with the dishes.

A 20-minute tabla playing by Pakistan origin maestro, Yogi was also part of the show that presented famous hits of legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.