Pak-US ties: Deadlock persists

The Pak-US ties have continued to remain unchanged, though reports indicated that the tension between the two states would be brought down to the minimal. Earlier reports had suggested that President Obama’s top aide, John Kerry, would visit Pakistan in order to restore friendly ties between the two countries but these reports were quashed by Obama’s spokesmen, Jodi Seth, when he stated that no such visit was authorized by the Obama.

Pakistan had suspended NATO supply routes amid the airstrike on the Pakistan army camp in Salala that resulted in 24 casualties. US has been consistently forcing Pakistan to re-open the supply routes but Pakistan has continued to demand a formal apology from the US for the Salala incident.

Pakistan officials have recently indicated that the US is reluctant to accept any such demand. The officials have attributed this behavior towards the recent American election campaigns where Obama might lose support over the apology matter.

Besides this issue, the recent attacks at the US embassy in Kabul have also complicated the issue whereby the US is alleging the Haqqani network to be playing the pivotal role in the attacks.

Pakistan is demanding a formal apology directly from the White House and is considered not to accept an apology from an other US diplomat other than the President himself.