Only Nawaz is familiar with the judicial system: Kaira

Federal Information  Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira, addressed a press conference outside the Parliament house on Monday. Kaira’s convened the press conference in order to address to the long march threat by the PML (N).

“Is PML-N, the only political party within Pakistan to have knowledge about the judicial and legal system of the country? It seems as if Nawaz Sharif is the only man with the knowledge and understanding of the current judicial system”, Kaira said.

He said that Nawaz Sharif should remember that he and his party were not the only one to have walked the long march, the long march also included other political parties, lawyers association and various civil societies.

The Federal Information Minister stated that their party does not want to repeat the politics of the 90s era.

He further stated that the PML-N leader has always had the habit of being in a rush, similarly to the Memo scandal case where he wanted everything to be cleared off quickly.

Kaira stated that their party has never backed out of accepting the Supreme Court’s verdict, rather they would appeal against the decision, which is their legal right.