OBL family sentenced 45 days imprisonment, 10,000 fine

The family of Osama bin laden termed for 45 days imprisonment and Rs. 10,000 fine for each member including his 3 wives and two children.

According to the sources, Senior civil judge passed the verdict here on Monday and fined OBL’s family for illegal stay in Pakistan. Each member of the family fined for Rs. 10,000.
After the imprisonment, the family will be deported to their respective countries Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
Amal al Sadeh along with bin Laden’s two other wives from Saudi Arabia and an undisclosed number of children were among the 16 people detained by Pakistani authorities in the fallout of the May 2 raid on the al Qaeda leader’s Abbottabad compound.

Counsel for OBL’s family said that the fine has already paid and we will not appeal against the verdict.
Mohammed Amir Khalil says Monday’s verdict gives his clients credit for time served.

They have been in detention since last May.

Khalil said they were formally arrested on March 3, so they will serve another two weeks in prison and then will be deported with their children.