Obama’s top aide to visit Pakistan; mend Pak-US ties

Sources, on Friday, indicated that Obama would be sending his top aide, John Kerry, to resolve and mend ties with Pakistan.

It has been learned that the John Kerry would visit Pakistan by the end of April in order to discuss Pakistan’s new terms of engagement with respect to the US and NATO.

John Kerry, Chairman of the  Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is considered to be an important personnel for Obama and is known for his “trouble-solving” attribute.

Diplomats have stated that parliamentary recommendations and bilateral ties between Pakisatn and US would be the main agenda of the visit. Sources have also indicated that an “official apology” with respect to the Salala base airstrike may also be on the cards during Kerry’s visit to Pakistan.

The US Senator is most likely to meet President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza GIlani and the top military officials during his visit to Pakistan.