None of the PPP premier will write Swiss letter: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: The convicted Prime Minster Yousaf Raza Gilani on Sunday declared that None of the elected prime minister from Pakistan Peoples party will write letter to the Swiss Authorities.

During his conversation to a delegation of Lawyers at his residency, Gilani said it was up to parliament and national assembly speaker to decide if he could continue working as the prime minister, but they gave him a vote of confidence.

According to him, only Parliament could decide if he would remain as the prime minister of the country.

Prime Minister reiterated that he would not resign due to any political pressure or to fulfil someone’s wishes.

Mr Gilani further said that the Sharifs wanted one law for themselves and another for others. He asked them to wait till the completion of the necessary legal procedure. “The PML-N should stop holding its own court,” he advised its leadership.

He said the PPP, through constitutional amendments, had lifted the condition of becoming prime minister for the third time, primarily as desired by Mr Nawaz Sharif.

“I will not resign on anybody’s wish. I will not succumb to any pressure,” Mr Gilani said, adding that only the parliament could decide if he would continue to serve as the prime minister.

The prime minister added that certain elements were conspiring against him and he would not back down from any conspiracies, his party members are with him and they will not let them succeed.