Nobody can stay in The world’s most quiet room

World’s most silent room ‘anechoic chamber’ at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis, United States becomes unbearable after a short time. The Guiness World Record holder place could not be tolerated for more than 45 minutes.

Room for 99 percent underwent echo sound even occupy a skeleton.

According to Mail Online, Double-insulated walls 92 inches of steel fiber braided wedge and room acoustics, sound absorbing 99 percent and is isolated from the external environment.

Translated into a thick fiber glass and concrete 30 inches thick, and within minutes the room is very uncomfortable silence entrants are beginning to see hallucinations.

People who say they have invited to sit quietly in a dark room laboratory officer Steven Orfield, ” but even a reporter who came here oturabildi only 45 minutes.

Room’s how quiet it is, the ratio is the only voice of the people entering.

Swallo adapts to your ears in the silence.

Room absorbs you, things are starting to hear more, heart beat, lungs, stomach, even the sounds, ” he said.

Anechoic Room” also stressed that” allowing you to balance you think you notice it gets harder to stay for more than half an hour, so definitely have to sit in a chair,” he said.

Room at the same time be sent into space by NASA astronauts, hallucinations can be used to pass the test.