Nawaz urges both countries to remove forces from Siachen border

The  Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) chief,  Nawaz Sharif visited Gayari sector of Siachen to show support and solidarity with Pakistan Soldiers on Tuesday.

Nawaz visited the sector and appreciated the rescue efforts of army and expressed solidarity with the Pakistani soldiers– who were buried under in avalanche 11 days ago.

After his visit, the PML-N chief said that the government in power was incapable of fighting terrorism and lacked the will to eliminate it.

He said that both countries were spending billions of dollars on the up keeping of Siachen borders, where as that money could be used for a better and prosperous future of both the people of countries.

He said that India and Pakistan should withdraw their armies from the Siachen territory and Pakistan should be the first one to take this step.

Distributing cheques of Rs.5 lacs, to the families of the buried victims, Nawaz Sharif said that Punjab government will take care of their families by giving them jobs and providing free education to the victim’s children.

It is to note that President Asif Ali Zardari has canceled his visit earlier on Monday because of severe weather conditions and is yet to visit the Siachen border.