Nawaz is getting irritated by the twig in his own beard: Marri

Sindh Information Minister, Shazia Marri, addressed a press conference on Monday. The press conference was yet another series of heated words being spoken amongst the two premier parties of Pakistan, PPP and PML

Ms. Marri referred to Nawaz Sharif as a thief by stating, “Nawaz Sharif is that particular thief who is getting irritated by the twig in his own beard”.

She said that Nawaz Sharif is portraying the character of Zia-ul-Haq and is urging the nation for the long march, just for his own interest.

She informed Nawaz Sharif by quoting that Bar Councils within Sindh had rejected Nawaz’s plea for the long march.

“Nawaz, who ran away from this country to save his life, would never understand about democracy. If he was so loyal to the Pakistani population, he should have stayed here and faced the judicial system of the country”, she further stated.