Nawaz distributes laptops to gather public: Imran Khan

Addressing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rally in Quetta, on Friday,Imran Khan stated that he was visiting Balochistan in order to talk to the people of Balochistan. He further stated that he wanted to hear their grief, sorrow and wanted to bring peace to Balochistan. Imran also stated that PTI would find a political resolution to the problems of Balochistan.

Imran considered Nawaz Sharif to be responsible for the worst situation in Balochistan as he was the one who initiated the plan to boycott the elections under the APDM. “If we had not boycotted the elections, the youth of Balochistan would have been a part of the government itself”.

“Nawaz has to distribute laptops in order to gather public for his speech”, Imran further stated while talking about Nawaz Sharif

Earlier, in 2007, it was Nawaz Sharif who was the main figure involved in boycotting the elections. The Sharifs had decided not to appear before the PCO sworn judges and urged all the political parties to start movement for the restoration of constitution and reinstatement of all deposed judges.