Nabeel Gabol survives grenade attack

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party’s senior representative from Lyari, Nabeel Gabol, survived a hand grenade attack while he was making his way back from a funeral on Friday.

The veteran PPP member was returning from Malik Khan’s funeral as a hand grenade was thrown towards his car.

Talking to Aaj News, Nabeel Gabol stated that he was safe and nothing had happened to him.

Malik Khan, another PPP representative, was shot dead in the Lyari area on Thursday. Malik Khan was considered to be the top aide of Nabeel Gabol.

Earlier, Nabeel Gabol had seriously condemned Malik Khan’s brutal murder and had accused the defunct Peoples Aman Committee for the murder.

“There is no doubt that Peoples Aman Committee is behind the blatant murder.” “I have got confirmed reports that during the rally by the PPP representatives, Ameen Buledi and Zahid Ladla, brother of Baba Ladla, came towards Khan and opened fire at him that caused his death,” Gabol had earlier stated.

Sources have reported that the reason for the murder of Malik Khan was because of his serious disagreements with the leader of the defunct People Aman Committee, Uzair Baloch, and these differences plus Gabol’s statement might have led to Friday’s grenade attack at Nabeel Gabol.

Lyari has remained a battleground for quite some time now. These conditions have result amid an operation within the Lyari area to capture notorious mobsters. The operation is headed by Chaudhry Aslam and it saw 4 casualties and several injuries on Friday.