MQM’s silence over extra-high hike in POL prices in meaningful: JI

The former legislators belonging to Jamaat-e Islami (JI) while condemning recent hike in prices of petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) rejected it.

In a joint statement issued here Saturday, Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, Laiq Khan, Nasarullah Shaji, Younus Barai and Hameedullah Khan Advocate have said that government’s decision for increasing POL prices was similar to killing the poor masses with petroleum bombs.

They said that the citizens were left at the mercy of extortionists, target killers and gangs of criminals while the unprecedented price-hike of common men’s commodities, power outages, poverty had writhed their nerves and deprived them of their right to live their lives unhurt.

They said that despite the oil prices in the international market had declined but the government had in a reverse mode increased oil and gas prices.

They urged upon the political parties in government that they should stop wrestling with each other and should focus on measures for alleviating people’s grievances. The people would not forgive the government for extra-high prices of POL and gas due to which poverty rate slipped far beneath the poverty line.

They said that in past four years, the unresolved and ever enhancing issues had compelled the masses to consider the democracy as enemy of the poor.

They criticized the Muttahida Qaumi Movement for staying in government while the POL prices had reached Rs100 per liter. It was the MQM that had dislodged itself from the government for increasing the POL prices by Rs15 but today it had not talked about the recent increase in POL prices, which proved that it never did politics for the people but for its own interests.