MQM to work robustly for the restoration of peace

KARACHI: Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Khan, summoned a press conference here in Karachi, whereby he stated that he would take all the necessary steps in order to restore peace not only within Karachi but within the Sindh province. He further stated that strict actions would be taken against those who are trying to negatively affect the city and the entire region with their violent activities.

The Governor stated that to restore peace within the city and the entire region, each and every political party should join force and try their level best to eradicate the evil. The Governor further stated that there was no feud between the political parties operating within the cities.

The Governor was also accompanied by the Health Minister, Mr. Sagheer Ahmed, who also stated that his party would try their utmost best to remove the terrorist activities within the city.

Mr. Ebad stated that innocent people were falling prey to the acts of terrorism continuing within the city.

The Governor was really strict with his words and he really condemned the violent activities carried out within the city, he also stated that strict actions would be taken against the culprits.