Memogate: Commission ponders on ways to bring back Haqqani

After Hussain Haqqani’s refusal to write the letter of consent to the BlackBerry text messaging service Research in Motion (RIM), which would have removed his right to privacy. The commission hearing the Memogate scandal case proposed four options to bring the former ambassador back to Pakistan, here on Friday.

The commission, headed by Justice Faiz Esa resumed the hearing in Islamabad High Court.

The four options suggested to bring back Hussain Haqqani and reach a verdict on the Memo scandal case were: seize all his property with in Pakistan, issue an arrest warrant in his name, file a criminal case against him or charge him with contempt of court.

Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq suggested that the former ambassador could also be dispatched to Pakistan by the help of the Interior Ministry or InterPol.