Mathira: Another Veena Malik in the making?

KARACHI: The Pakistan Fashion Week, held in Karachi, has concluded but with a controversy. The controversy involving the notorious “koochie” “koochie” girl Mathira. Pakistan Fashion Week (PFW) Day 1 witnessed an event which saw Mathira’s top fall down while she was walking down the ramp. Now the issue that is rather inquisitive is that whether this action was incidental or was it deliberate?

The event occurred at the first day of the PFW when Mathira, the show-stopper for Sanam Chaudri, saw her top fall down but this did not stop her from finish her act as she swiftly turned back and completed her walk.

Sanam Chaudri was full of sympathy for the controversial model as she stated that the event was an accident and was not part of the show. She also added that the model was totally upset with the incident.

Contrastingly, Mohsin Sayed, fashion commentator, was of the view that the act performed by Mathira was a publicity stunt and would further enhance her so-called popularity. Sayed was of the view that the whole event was fabricated as the top fell right at the sweet spot i.e. the head of the ramp. He further stated that the he did not find any humiliation on Mathira’s face while she was walking back.

Fareshteh Aslam, former editor for instep, forwarded her own perspective by saying that the divisive model was grieved by the incident as she saw her turn around and lift up her top.

Hours later, the model herself appeared in front of media to state that “S*** happens”. According to many commentators, this statement of hers did not show any embarrassment or guilt. It rather portrayed that the model was not worried about the issue.