Malir: Blast kills Five, injured 12 others

A blast killed five and injured 12 other people standing at a bus stop near Malir halt, Karachi, Aaj news reported.

According to our correspondent Saad Bukhari, 12 people are injured including a policeman and they were shifted to Jinnah hospital and a private hospital nearby.

The armoured personnel carrier was targeted which belonged to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir Rao Anwar’s contingent.

“The attack was against me. I was moving with my squad in Malir Halt district when the explosion took place. I am unhurt, but some of my men have been injured,” Anwar told AFP.

He claimed to have been threatened for a month by “unknown terrorists”.

“It was a suicide attack,” police official Tahir Naveed told AFP.

“The attacker was killed in the blast and the body in hospital is suspected to be his,” he added. “12 people were wounded.”

The bomber struck near a bank in a garrison area of  Karachi.

The injured were shifted to the Jinnah hospital. Meanwhile Rangers and police cordoned off the area.

Sources confirm that a second blast was heard moments ago in Malir 15 area of Karachi.

Ambulances have been dispatched towards the location of the blast. The nature of the blast is unknown yet.

The blast occured at a distance of about 2 KMs from the Malir Halt, where a suicide bomb attack was carried out earlier today.