Lyari: 5 dead, over 10 people injured as day reaches end

As protests continue in Lyari. Lea market and its localities remained under siege all day.

The residents of Lyari demonstrated their anger over the biased conduct of search operations being carried out for weeks, discriminating their rights.

Unidentified men on rooftops fired shots at a bus stop resulting in one person’s death while 5 others got injured.

A grenade attack that was aimed at the police trying to disperse the protesters killed one person and injured six others. The victim who died in the grenade attack was named Anees, police officials said.

In another rocket attack on a building, a man lost his life while his children suffered grave injuries.

The protests erupted when earlier in the day, a man named Gul Ayaz was shot to death in Mera Naka area of Lyari. Aerial firing has not stopped since the incident in Lyari, as protesters gathered and stoned police personnel and other security officials.

Residents burnt tires and blocked the main Lyari road disturbing the traffic and creating chaos in the area.

As the day reached its end, Police force led by SSP Chaudhry Aslam and Rangers were still conducting search operations in order to stop the violent protests and in hopes of dispatching the people responsible of criminal activities in the city and incidents like Lyari gang war.