Long-awaiting fans greet Film star Shabnam in Pakistan

KARACHI: The visiting famous film star of yesteryears Shabnam welcomed by her fans as she came to Pakistan after about a decade with her music director and composer husband Robin Ghosh.

The symbolic icon of Pakistani cinema during the era of 1960s till 1980s arrived Pakistan four days ago with her husband and music composer Robin Ghosh, who were once the flora and fauna of Pakistani cinema.

After so many years film star Shabnam sounds just as sprightly and full of life as when she was the heartthrob of millions of filmgoers in the subcontinent.

Shabnam is best known for her roles opposite reputable Lollywood actor Nadeem. Her blockbuster movie ‘Aaina is all time favorite of many of subcontinent movie lovers.

Shabnam plays the leading role in Aina; which holds the distinction for being the longest running Pakistani film on record.1960’s popular song ‘Socha tha piyar na karenge’, picturized on Shabnum with Waheed Murad in film Ladla, made her very popular.

Lots and lots of remarkable work is on her credit. She worked in total 160 films, including 152 Urdu films, 4 Bengali and 4 Punjabi films.

She was considered a versatile, romantic and most popular actress in both West and East Pakistan in her time. She attained all Pakistan stardom with the box office Urdu hit “Chanda” 1962.

Amazingly she found a new look of Karachi and appreciated the developments in the city of Lights.

A ceremony for paying tributes to film actress Shabnam and her spouse musician Robin Ghosh will be organized at Governor’s House on Saturday, April 28.

Prominent singers and artists will perform to pay tributes to Shabnam and Robin Gosh.

I am sure she must be having a great time in her old motherland.