Liquid bonding fluids must be declared narcotic item

KARACHI: Medical professionals have urged the government to declare liquid adhesive bonds as narcotic item and restrict its availability so as to prevent loss of neuro muscular coordination among children by sniffing these.

In a program organized by KONPAL, an NGO comprising child specialists, they said people in general and policy makers in particular must realize that “substance abuse” has emerged a serious health threat for children and youth.

They resolved cooperation at all levels for protection of children, be they the abandoned or semi abandoned street children or their fortunate counterparts living in comparatively safe environs.

Participants of the program including doctors, nurses and paramedics also urged the education departments to adopt a stringent policy to combat “corporal punishment,”  which could have severe physical and psychological consequences for children.

The health-care providers were unanimous in their appeal for immediate ban on sale of junk food as well as hazardous items as sweetened supari (betel nuts), cigarettes, pan masala (a concoction of betel leave and chemicals) etc on school premises and within a one mile radius of each of the schools.

Junk food comprising high carbo and fat items with low or nil content of essential nutrients, they said has led to surge in diseases previously unheard of in our children.

They expressed their reservations regarding carbonated drinks too. As for pan chalia made goods they said the two were directly linked to instances of mouth cancer besides other health conditions.