Lahore train station rocked by bomb blast

According to Aaj News correspondent, a blast has rocked the Lahore train station early evening on Tuesday.

Sources say that the blast took place on Platform number 2, where people were waiting for their respective trains to arrive.

As per the reports of Aaj news correspondent, the blast resulted in 2 casualties and several injuries

While talking to Aaj News, CCPO Lahore indicated that the bomb which was used for the blast weighed approximately 6 to 8 kilos and besides the casualties, 20 were injured as a result of the blast.

Reports have indicated that the blast occurred within the business train waiting area. The blast resulted in panic and individuals were seen running for their lives.

Two of the injured are reported to be children whilst the remaining are adults. Few of the injured are reported to be in critical state. Rescue operatives have shifted the injured to Mayo and Services Hospital respectively.

The police has covered and sealed the entire area while ambulances and fire brigades have made up their way at the concerned spot.