Karzai hints towards a change in election schedule

KABUL: Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, has stated that he his weighing his options and may either change the date for the election program or the intended alteration within the Afghan forces. He made this statement on Thursday where he also stated that he did not want to excessively burden his nation by the concurrent changes.

As per Afghanistan’s constitution, an election for the presidential candidate should be held before 2014 in order to decide the successor to Karzai. According to the Afghan constitution, Hamid Karzai should step down as he has already completed a dual 5 year term at the office.

This recent consideration of Karzai has risen in response to the recent enhancement in the series of bombing by the Talibans and the collapse of the peace process between the militants and the United States. There has been a huge concern that the Afghan forces may not be able to cope up with the remaining Talibans with the NATO forces gradually leaving the war zone. The Afghan forces are required to gradually take up over the law and order situation as majority of the foreign security forces are bound to exit the battle ground by the end of 2014.

Karzai also stated that he had discussed this issue with his top aides and they were all concerned about this issue. “Can we bring either the transition and the return of international forces to 2013 so we can have the other agenda fulfilled in 2014 with less to do, or should we allow the transition process to complete itself in 2014, but bring the presidential election one year earlier to 2013.”

The issue is still under consideration and no final decision has been made as yet.