Karan Johar slams Priyanka and her friends?

All is not well in Priyanka Chopra land. Even though the talented actress is trying hard to steer away from all controversies about her link up with Shah Rukh Khan, the fiasco on the alleged affair continues. So much so that now, filmmaker Karan Johar has openly blasted Priyanka.

Let’s retrace our steps back a bit. It all began when news of Priyanka’s growing closeness to King Khan started doing the rounds. The actress was spotted outside Khan’s office in the wee hours of the morning which set tongues wagging. Although, the duo were quick to clarify that they were rehearsing for Zee Cine Awards (the two were the host of this year’s award ceremony), wife Gauri Khan was clearly not amused with all the stories in the press about her husband. Gauri and her group of friends (comprising of star wives) made sure that PC was given the royal ignore at all the social dos.

King Khan also started keeping a safe distance from her after he realised that the news was affecting his marriage. And when Gauri and SRK started maintaining a distance, how could good friend Karan Johar do anything different?

Even though Karan Johar was on extremely friendly terms with PC and had even casted her in ‘Agneepath’, thanks to her and SRK’s strain relationship, Karan started ignoring Priyanka as well.

In an interview to a tabloid, Priyanka’s friends criticized Karan’s absurd behaviour stated that Priyanka was infact hurt by Karan’s change of attitude. “At a recent party while he(Karan) was feeding her(PC) cupcakes, she heard rumours of him bitching her out, ” the friend said.

The friend also added, “Priyanka has done nothing wrong. If these women are insecure about their relationships with their husbands, they should sort it out with them, at home. Why should they attack her?”

While Karan’s name was nowhere mentioned in the article, it was very evident that her friends were discussing Johar.

Without taking any name, Johar was ready with his repartee and tweeted, “Using their hired PR machinery and hiding behind so called “friends” to get news into tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame!!! Some people need to wake up and smell the KOFFEE!!! Get a reality check before its too late!!! Grow up!!! and dont mess with goodness….(sic)”.

While Priyanka has maintained a stoic silence on the entire matter, her friend’s comments have surely landed her in some trouble with the A-listers of the film industry.

Source: Monitoring