Karachi Transporters announce strike on April 10

The transporters Itehad in Karachi has announced a strike for indefinite period against the recent hike in fuel prices, Aaj news reported.

President Karachi Transport Ittehad Syed Irshad Hussain on tuesday announced that a wheel-jam strike will be observed on April 10 in protest against the raise in [petrol, CNG and diesel tariffs.

He said this during a joint meeting of CNG Associations. Other members of KTI were also with him. The participants demanded Federal Minister for Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain to immediately took back the prices in Sindh and save the public transporters which is a source of income for hundreds.

Irshad Bukhari said that during the tenure of previous government the diesel was being sold at Rs44 per liter while it stands at Rs100 now.
While other fuel including petrol and kerosene oil has also crossed the limit of Rs.100.