Karachi : The serial ‘lady’ killer and his accomplice captured

The police have arrested a man suspected of killing women, chopping them into pieces and leaving them in plastic bags in random parts of the city.

The police conducted a search operation and arrested the culprit from Soldier Bazar area of Karachi, on Tuesday.

According to police, the killers left body parts of a woman named Nasreen, in four different areas of the city. Her body parts were cut with a sharp object and were found wrapped in a plastic bag.

In the month of March, body pieces of another woman, wrapped in a black plastic bag were found near Aaj News’ office in GuruMandir, Karachi.

The arrest of the culprits came after the police tracked Nasreen’s cellphone which the suspects used to make a call about three weeks after murdering Nasreen.

After the initial investigation police found evidence and some major leads that took them to a rickshaw driver in Soldier Bazar who was arrested and after interrogation confessed.

He lead the police to a man named Rafiq Soomro and claimed he was responsible for cutting up those women.

Rafiq Soomro was later arrested from Patel Para after police conducted a raid.

Police sources say that he belonged to Sukkur, and has a criminal record in a case regarding a woman’s murder in Sukkur, after which he fled to Karachi.

Mohammed Rafiq claimed that he had no motive to commit those murders and that he had lost his sanity while committing those crimes.

Police are still interrogating the suspects.