Karachi: Angry mob attacks Nabeel Gabol’s residence

A number of people appearing as protesters attempted an attack on Pakistan Peoples Party leader, Nabeel Gabol’s residence, located in Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi. Aaj News reported.

The attackers were intercepted by the security guards present outside his residence before any real harm could be done.

According to our source, some female protesters from Lyari grouped outside Gabol’s house in DHA to stage a protest against the high priority operation going on in different parts of Lyari. But instead, the mob turned violent and tried to trespass Nabeel Gabol’s property.

Gabol’s security guards dispersed the protesting crowd with aerial firing.

According to eye witnesses, the angry mob of women was faced by Nabeel’s security guards with patience and no one was harmed as the protesters were being evacuated from the area.

Speaking to a private news channel Gabol confirmed the attack.

An FIR has been lodged against the attackers, at Darakhshan police station.

Just two days ago, Nabeel Gabol, was returning from Malik Khan’s funeral when a hand grenade was thrown towards his car. Gabol escaped the attack unharmed.