Judicial Commission to decide on Haqqani’s video statement application

ISLAMABAD: Former Ambassador to US, Mr Hussain Haqqani’s video statement application has been forwarded to the judicial commission as per the instructions of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Asma Jehangir, Hussain Haqqani’s advisor, had earlier requested in the apex court to have his client’s statement recorded via video link, just like Mansoor Ijaz’s was recorded in London.

Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhy, after hearing the application, forwarded it to the judicial commission and gave them the authority to decide the fate of Hussain Haqqani’s application.

Haqqani has sighted security concerns as the main reason that he cannot travel back to Pakistan.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had permitted Mr. Haqqani to travel abroad on the condition that he would appear within four days after receiving a call from the judicial commission.

The Supreme Court order stated, “After hearing counsels of the parties in the case, we disposed of this application that order of this court dated 30-01-2012 is intact. The commission without prejudice in case of anybody may adopt a procedure for recording of statement in the interest of justice as desired by it.”