Japanese discover “Most Distant” Galaxy cluster ever

Reporters, on Wednesday, stated that National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and a team of some researchers from the state-run Graduate University of Advanced Studies have found a cluster of galaxies, which are 12.72 billion light-years away from Earth, according to reports.

Japanese have claimed that they have discovered the most distant cluster ever and it is still in development. This discovery could help them to better understand the Universe and how galaxies are formed.

In a press release, Japanese Astronomers said, “This shows a galaxy cluster already existed in the early stages of the universe when it was still less than one billion years into its history of 13.7 billion years,”

Researchers had previously estimated the existence of a cluster around 13.1 billion light- years away from Earth by using NASA’s space Telescope, but the reports were never fully confirmed.

The new discovery by the Japanese is soon to be published in an American “Astrophysical Journal”.