Islamabad: Bannu jail prisoner reaches Aaj news office

ISLAMABAD: An escaped prisoner from the biggest jail break this country has ever witnessed, When 398 prisoners escaped from Bannu Jail, has produced himself at Aaj News office, in Islamabad.

The escapee who calls himself Muhammad Hanif came to Aaj News head office and declared himself to the authorities. He was later, taken under custody by the police amid his interview with our team.

In his interview, the escaped prisoner revealed that he fled the prison only in fear of his life. The prisoner said that Taliban forcibly took him out of the jail and he had no choice but to flee the prison.

Hanif said that he feared for his life in Bannu Jail and other prisons in the KP province and asked to be moved to Adiala prison instead.

He revealed that he was on death row inside Bannu Jail after being convicted in a drug case.

The SSP Islamabad told Aaj News that Mohammad Hanif’s security will be ensured by the Police and that he is presented in court too.

He further said, that it is a good sign that the prisoners are choosing to return and that in Mohammad Hanif’s case he will urge the court to reconsider the charges pressed against him or revisit his term in jail.