ISI deserves credit for Osama’s death: ISI official

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has of late reported that they had contributed heavily towards the death of former Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. The statement was given by an ISI official to the Washington Post, further requesting his anonymity.

While giving an interview to Washington Post, an official from the ISI stated, “The lead and the information actually came from us.” The ISI official stated the the Abbottabad operation only became possible after the CIA was helped by the ISI in locating Osama’s hideout in Abbottabad.

“Any hit on al-Qaeda anywhere in the world has happened with our help,” the ISI official further stated.

Washington have rolled their eyes and have serious uncertainty over the recent claims made by the ISI. The US have always considered the ISI to be funding and helping them.

Washington’s serious doubts over the recent claim by the ISI maybe attributed to the secret agency’s prior statement, in which they claimed they had no knowledge of Osama’s presence within the Garrison city of Abbottabad. The ISI have maintained this stance but questions have arise after Osama’s widow stated that the former Al-Qaeda leader lived in Pakistan for almost 9 years, changing several homes and fathering 4 children.

The other ISI official who was present at the interview stated that ISI helped in providing a cell phone number to the CIA; which eventually helped in locating Osama. The number belonged to Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, an Al-Qaeda messenger.

The ISI official stated that they were not familiar with the fact that the number belonged to the Al-Qaeda messenger, until recently, but the CIA knew about it and did not inform the ISI about it. The ISI official stated that this trust deficit and duplicity led to an end to our co-operation with the CIA.