Bhoja plane crash: 110 Out of 127 bodies handed over to families

ISLAMABAD: Distraught relatives wept Saturday as they collected the remains of loved ones after a passenger jet crashed in bad weather near Islamabad, killing all 127 people on board.

The ill fated plane crash in Islamabad took lives of 110 adults, 6 children, 5 infants, 6 crew members on the unfortunate Friday evening.

The sources told that, the postmortem of 125 bodies have been completed, 123 bodies have been identified whereas DNA tests are being conducted to identify the rest of the victims. 110 bodies were handed over to relatives. 46 bodies were identified by National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) through fingerprints.

The bodies of six victims of Bhoja Airline plane crash were brought to Karachi by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-30.

The bodies were identified as: Raza Ali Khan, Babu, Abbas Ali, Imran Waheed, Irfan and Tasleem Begum.

According to PIMS management, a special counter has been established to facilitate the heirs of the air crash victims.

Moreover, PIMS management conducted DNA tests of the dead bodies in collaboration with KRL hospital.

Managing Director Baitul Mal Zamurrad Khan is supervising the rescue operation in PIMS.

Earlier today, PIA took relatives of passengers of ill-fated plane to Islamabad. The families were taken to the PIMS hospital for the identification of the victims.

A statement here on Friday night said that the PIA will also make special arrangements for bringing back the bodies from Islamabad to Karachi.

Bhoja Air’s aged B737-200 took off from Karachi airport at 5:05pm and crashed five nautical miles from Islamabad airport on the village of Hussainabad. However, rescuers said people on the ground remained largely safe as the bulk of the wreckage fell in an open area

Regarding causes of the incident, the CAA teams were yet searching the Black Box to dig out the facts as what were the factors those led to this tragedy.

“The weather was very bad; there was hail and a thunderstorm. The pilot lost control and hit the ground. It tossed up due to the impact and exploded and came down in a fireball,” initial reports said.

The sources said that, the crashed plane was being flown by pilot Noorullah Afridi, while the co-pilot was Javed Malik.

On Friday, the plane crashed in a residential area, spread over three to four square kilometers. the body parts and the plane’s debris were scattered in the radius of around one kilometer.