India’s first Inter-Continental Ballistic missile ready for test flight

The Indian military has announced that it is ready to launch its first flight test of Agni-5, India’s first long range Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile with a range of up to 5,000 km.

If the flight proves successful it will be considered as a major advancement in India’s missile technology.

The test fire of the missile will be conducted from a test range in Wheeler island off the coast of Odisha.

Currently, only countries like the US, Russia, France and China possess this technology.

Last year, India successfully test fired their Agni-4 missile which is capable of traveling to distances up to 3,500 km.

The Agni-5 missile, is 17-meter tall, weighing at 50 tonnes and it can carry nuclear warheads with up to 1.1 tonne payload but it will be carrying dummy warheads for the test flight scheduled today.

On the other hand, the Pakistan Army is working on increasing it’s ballistic missile range to 7,000 km, with the currently under development Taimur Missile. Taimur missile will be Pakistan’s first ICBM in reply to the Indian Agni-V missile.

Taimur missile which is believed to be test fired soon in the coming future, is now sure to be the first priority on Pakistan Army’s priority list. This advancement will  give Pakistan an edge in their strategic warfare technology also making Pakistan, one of the few nations possessing Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile technology.