Imran Khan to be consulted to oust current government: Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: While addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Nawaz Sharif formally announced that his entire faction would initiate a protesting campaign against the current government.

Nawaz was formally found stating that his party would seek support from Imran Khan and the PTI chief would be consulted for a Combined protesting campaign against the government. The PML-N leader stated that all major parties would be consulted to oust the current government.

“Obey the Supreme Court’s verdict, leave the premiership or else face dire consequences”, Nawaz was quoted as saying.

The PML (N) leader stated that protest would be instigated both inside and outside of the Assembly. He further stated that if the current politicians do not quit the government, a long march would be initiated against them, in order to make them quit.

While talking about PM Gilani’s verdict, Nawaz stated, “No country in the world has a convicted Premier, both the PM and the President, have never obeyed and respected the judiciary of this country”. “The judiciary gives a decision and the current government scoffs at it”, he further stated.

Nawaz was firm about his stance, stating that his party would not back out from the protest. “We will now start our protesting campaign against the government, urging the people of Pakistan to come forward and demonstrate against the government”, he said.

“This demonstration would be not commenced because of my party’s interest or my personal interest but it would be carried out for the entire nation’s interest”.

The war-of-words between the government and the major opposition party has gained heat since the Supreme Court gave its verdict against the Prime Minister on 26th April.

The heated arguments have seen different leaders of both the PPP and the PML (N) speaking strong words against one another.