Have to face two courts; Supreme Court and Sharif Court: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: “I have to face two courts, the Supreme Courts and the Sharif Courts. I am sorry that I would not obey the Sharif Courts”, Gilani stated while addressing the Senate proceedings on Monday.

Earlier, the Senate proceedings started late in the evening on Monday. Members of the PML-N wore black arm tags to protest against the government. The Members of the PML-N walked out of the Senate session which later saw the Prime Minister addressing the proceedings.

The PM started his speech by stating that he respected all those who had silently walked out of the Senate. He further stated that he was unaware as to where he went wrong, and eventually had to face such stiff opposition. He stated that the PML-N members voted for him too and considered him a Prime Minister too.

Gilani continued his speech by commenting that he had always defended the constitution and considered that to be the reason for such opposition.

Talking about the leadership of PML (N), Gilani stated, “People who are calling me as a convicted Prime Minister should always remember that they were once convicted for a hijacking offense and remained out of the country for almost 9 years”.

“Though they were also convicted, we never pointed any such thing against them. We worked with them through the ARD (Alliance for Restoration of Democracy) movement; we incorporated them within the Charter of Democracy and signed it together”, the PPP veteran further added.

With respect to PML-N’s long march threat, Gilani said, “They (PML-N) do not have the ability to carry out a short march, yet they are talking about a long one”

While talking about the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), Gilani stated that Nawaz Sharif was the inventor and the initial beneficiary of the NRO. “Nawaz signed a deal and left this country for almost 10 years, is it not an NRO?” he said. Gilani while praising himself included that he has never benefited from the NRO.

Talking about the Supreme Court’s verdict, Gilani said that his lawyer would file an appeal and then wait for the final decision. Gilani further added that the Sharifs are getting restless without any reason. He praised Imran Khan for his statement whereby the PTI leader had earlier stated that he would not comment upon Gilani’s verdict appeal keeping in view the PM’s appealing right.

Gilani also mentioned that he had recommended three names for the Chief Election Commissioner and had forwarded those names to the opposition leader for approval.

The Premier concluded his speech by quoting that the PPP had been a party with several sacrifices for the country, unlike those people who run away from the country, trying to save their lives.