Gilgit-Baltistan: Curfew ends after 27 agonizing days

After twenty seven (27) long days, the curfew in Gilgit and Baltistan came to an end, on an early Sunday morning, today. Aaj News reported.

According to the press release from Cheif Minister Mehdi Shah’s office, the curfew in Gilgit will end today and mobile phone services will be allowed to operate again in Gilgit Baltistan territories.

However, Pakistan Army will still remain deployed in the city even after the end of curfew and suspects who are under arrest on suspicion will soon be released from custody.

According to the press release, more than 400 personnel of Pakistan Army, Gilgit Baltistan Scouts and the Police Force will be deployed at the Karakoram Highway to ensure safe travelling of passengers and tourists.

Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan has appealed local residents to assist and participate with the law enforcing agencies to curb the terrorist elements in Gilgit Baltistan.