Gilani addresses Parliament after conviction, PML-N walked out

ISLAMABAD: After being convicted in contempt of court case, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani here Friday addressing the upper house and stressed the supremacy of unanimously elected parliament among all verdicts.

“After the verdict of Court it was mandatory to take Parliament in confidence”, PM said.

Commenting on the Statements of PML-N member, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, PM Gilani said, “I was disappointed with his statement, how he could not allow me to come to the Parliament did they not elect me? Nobody can stop me to address but the only speaker of the house.

This is the only government who provided billions of funds to the opposition.

PPP lead government always wanted to take coalition and opposition partners together, if anybody (PML-N leaders) want to be a Prime Minster or president they should come with a constitutional manner.

Questioning the house, PM said was I convicted for defending the constitution? I am the only longest serving Prime Minister in Pakistan, I was elected by the nation and elected parliamentary members through a constitutional process. I fully respect the supreme house; I will leave the office if you (the speaker) ask me to do so.

During his speech PM slammed the behavior of Nawaz Sharif saying that “He is an egoistic man and can not go along with other parties”. We want friendly opposition but Sharif brothers don’t believe in harmony. One don’t accept president the other don’t recognize prime Minster. They must launch a confidence movement; conspiracies can never kick us out.

Addressing the presidential immunity, Gilani elaborated that, Internationally all the heads, President, Prime minster and foreign minister enjoy immunity, I have not made these laws.

Earlier, Members of PML-N walked out of the house in protest over the PM’s address.